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"video james" is the millennial equivalent of moms calling target "tarjhay"

@unexpected @Sanzath
Sure. If your average millennial would just eat 40 less avocados per day, they'd have an additional $1200/month for housing and could easily afford a mortgage

Holding a seance so I can give David Koch’s ghost a wedgie

I promise one day I'll talk about something other than beans

I'm pleased to announce my new cryptocurrency, Bean Coin - a new stablecoin whose price will be anchored to the cost of a single bean. Bean Coin ($xBC) is backed by a reserve of beans securely stored in my pantry. Free yourself from the oppression of fiat-backed stablecoins and the volatility of un-anchored coins. $xBC will be developed openly through a transparent, democratic process maintained by the community. White paper and v1 of the client to follow. Go buy some beans.

Official bean rankings:
1. Chickpeas
2. Black
3. Pinto
4. Kidney
5. Literally all of the rest
6. Lima

rip David Koch. from what i understand he made a big diarrhea in his pants, attempted to duck walk to the bathroom, slipped in some of the diarrhea that ran down his legs and tumbled down 32 hardwood stairs before ending up with a broken neck in a puddle of his own diarrhea

del taco is short for delete taco. this vile and dangerous organization must be stopped.

Fun vegan fact of the day: As well as the rich, eating landlords is also totally permissable under vegan ethics. Shocking right? I know, I was surprised as well, but check your vegan handbook, it's right in there.

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