Why... do boomers... love ellipses so much...

Is there a different meaning I'm missing? IDK how to read things like "Good job..." as anything but passive aggressive.

@Sanzath I'd gone through 3 guilds the week I tried wow classic

"Hyenas are just cute dogs who love to eat big dinner" - Big Joel 2019

You've heard of Lo-Fi beats to study and relax to. Today I'm pleased to introduce Hi-Fi arhythmic noise to procrastinate and stress to.

Having one of those "no reason" good days 😊

@Aleums if you like the Dead, a lot of their live albums are gold

Tired of breaking your teeth on cold, rock hard beans? Well, do I have a solution for you! If you drop some of those bad bois into some boiling water, they'll get softer and tastier! I'm never eating beans the old way again.


Nintendo fans, what are some of your favorite games from the handhelds (or NES/SNES)? Looking for things to throw on my 3ds


@kaptainwalcott idk that seems like some pretty radical talk there. I'm in.

@unexpected *extremely Patrick Star voice* let’s take the homeless... and push them SOMEWHERE ELSE (i.e. into those vacant homes)

There are ~550k homeless people in the US and 1,800k vacant homes.

Me: i am simply trying to exist and live as a person
The very construct of capitalist society:

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