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Wow my delivery for dinner got here super early, look how fresh this is! This is why I love ordering from local, humane farmers.

if my part of the fediverse missed it, Terry Cavanagh published the source code for VVVVVV: and with the existing subset of the assets for level creation being freely distributed, you have yourself a nice fun set of things to play with and port to ATMs:

Why... do boomers... love ellipses so much...

Is there a different meaning I'm missing? IDK how to read things like "Good job..." as anything but passive aggressive.

"Hyenas are just cute dogs who love to eat big dinner" - Big Joel 2019

You've heard of Lo-Fi beats to study and relax to. Today I'm pleased to introduce Hi-Fi arhythmic noise to procrastinate and stress to.

Having one of those "no reason" good days 😊

Tired of breaking your teeth on cold, rock hard beans? Well, do I have a solution for you! If you drop some of those bad bois into some boiling water, they'll get softer and tastier! I'm never eating beans the old way again.

Nintendo fans, what are some of your favorite games from the handhelds (or NES/SNES)? Looking for things to throw on my 3ds

@unexpected *extremely Patrick Star voice* let’s take the homeless... and push them SOMEWHERE ELSE (i.e. into those vacant homes)

There are ~550k homeless people in the US and 1,800k vacant homes.

Me: i am simply trying to exist and live as a person
The very construct of capitalist society:

All hail the Cool S

(Art by the lovely

A plea for help from anyone skilled in finding obscure media:

Our community has been overwhelmed trying to find a copy of Penis (1965), but so far we've been unable to, if you have any leads or know someone who might, please please please let me know.

This isn't a joke (not anymore)

It's a strange feeling actually living in a place where I get to have warning of natural disasters instead of a place where they just... happen. I'm finding all the preparation work weirdly calming, and even though I know it could be bad, right now I feel more secure than usual.

this is also why PvP is usually unplayable in these games- they're selling the feeling of invincibility to whales, and unless you pay, you're not really a customer to them - you're a part of the product they're selling to whales. the feeling of beating your ass into the ground is what they're selling to anyone with a few grand to spare

here's my hot take on gacha games: they are the natural progression of electronic gaming under capitalism

the vast majority of gacha games have two tiers of players: whales, who can spend thousands of dollars on the game, and everyone else, who by and large don't pay but might be convinced into throwing ten bucks now and again

this mirrors exactly the structure of the real economy, where a small number of people have large amounts of disposable income, and everyone else barely scrapes by

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